At Help to Buy Midlands, we’re here to help make the journey to getting your new home as smooth as possible.

You can Create, View and Submit your online Application Form using this page and it's easy to track the progress of your application by viewing the table below.

Before you start your application

Please register for the online application system by clicking on the ‘Sign in’ section in the menu bar above.  You will have the options to either Register if you are a first time user, or Sign In if you have previously registered.

Registering and signing in will allow you to save your completed application form at the end of each 'step' and amend it at a later stage if necessary.

What will I need to have so I can fill in the Application Form?

1. Your Reservation Form - It is important that all details on your Reservation Form match your online application so please check (your Developer would have given you a copy of the Reservation Form).

2. Financial details - this will include information on your income, outgoings and any additional household income such as Working Tax Credits and Child Benefit. Don’t worry if you don’t have this information to hand: you can always save your application and return to it later.

3. Access to a printer - at the end of the process you must print out and sign the completed form. You can then upload the signed copy to us in Step 8. You can always save your application and do this later when you have access to a printer.

4. How long will it take to fill in the form? - Approximately 15 - 20 minutes.

What will I get?

As soon as you have signed and uploaded the completed application form you will receive a unique reference number.

We'll let you know if we need any extra documents or information and we'll keep you informed about your application’s status.

Amending an application

To amend an application that has been submitted, please select 'Create a copy to amend' from the pop-up menu beside your submitted application. This creates a copy which you can amend and resubmit. The original application that was copied will show as 'Expired'.